Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Right welcomes the report that Mr Maina Kiai, United Nationals Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association has produced as result of his visit in Rwanda from 20 to 27 January to assess the situation of freedom of peaceful assembly and association in the country.

In his report, Mr Kiai clearly detailed his findings about important limitation of a free country which are freedom of peaceful assembly and rights of associations. The lack or limitation of those two important pillars of a free and a democratic country are characteristics of an oppressive state.

This is an unfortunate situation to be for a country that has experienced a genocide and various circles of conflicts that have been fuelled by unresolved grievances and lack of freedom which led to loss of lives of millions of people and suffering of millions of more people.

We welcome and endorse all recommendations that Mr Kiai recommended to be implemented in order to bring about a landscape of freedom in Rwanda at a humanly acceptable standard.

However we would add a recommendation to the International Community, United Nations, Donors and other Stakeholders to undertake important sanctions against the Rwanda government and its leadership if important steps towards implementing Mr Kiai recommendations are not taken. To do that, it would be sending a strong message to the Rwanda government and leadership about how seriously the international community take the issue of freedom in Rwanda in order to ensure sustainable peace and development.

Furthermore to effectively facilitate monitoring of implementation of Mr Kiai recommendations as well as to evaluate their achievements, we recommend Mr Kiai to give a timeline of some of his major recommendations. Otherwise achievements of freedom and democracy might be very slow and this would undoubtedly cause many people suffering for a long period and also cause other conflicts.

Global Campaign for Rwanda’s Human Rights is grateful to Mr Maina Kiai for a professional and fantastic work in assessing the state of freedom in Rwanda.

Rene C Mugenzi
Chairman – Senior Human Rights Researcher
Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights

The full report of the United Nationals Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association Mr Maina Kiai can be found here