Global Campaign for Human Rights is very concern about the new UN report accusing Rwanda Government to continue to violate arms embargo by providing direct military support to the M23 rebels, facilitating recruitment, encouraging and facilitating desertions from the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and providing arms, ammunition, intelligence and political advice.

Global Campaign for Human Rights strongly condemn these actions by Rwanda government because not only they fuel conflicts which lead to unbelievable sufferance of innocent Congolese people, they also have the potentiality of causing insecurity in Rwanda and harm freedom of movement as well as harmonious interactions between the people of Congo and people of Rwanda.

Rwandans and Congolese have lived side by side in peace for many years; these actions by the Rwandan government are highly likely to damage those relations, and cause strong and dangerous sentiment of resentments against Rwandans by Congolese people.

Furthermore recruiting and involving Rwandan young people in military conflicts is totally illegal and inhuman.
Rwanda that has experienced terrible conflicts and genocide should be on world front line in promoting peace and advocating for reconciliation between belligerents groups instead of supporting and sponsoring conflicts.

Global Campaign for Rwandans Human Rights urges the Rwandan government to stop all support to rebellions in DRC and actively assist in bringing about everlasting peace and reconciliation and harmonious community relations needed in DRC.

In order to amend Rwandan and Congolese communities’ relations and good neighborliness, we urge the Rwandan government to unreservedly apologies to the Congolese people who have been affected by recent conflicts. Rwandan government should also assert its commitment to help Congolese people to achieve sustainable stability and peace.

Rwandan government should respect both Congolese right to live in peace in their own country and Rwandans right to have harmonious relationship with their Congolese neighbours.

Secretariat – London