A Gacaca - community court in session

Global Campaign for Rwandans’ Human Rights is greatly concerned and seriously disappointed by the Rwandan government's treatment of its citizens.

Amnesty international gathered evidences about Rwanda's current practices of "unlawful detention, torture and other forms of ill-treatment and enforced disappearances, as well as systematic practices of coercing prisoners."

18 years after Rwanda experienced a horrible genocide and horrendous crimes against humanity, its government should be at the forefront in respecting the rule of law and international principles instead of actively violating most of fundamental human rights.

Rwanda past experiences should have strengthened their human rights' values and developed a strong determination from its leaders to protect people's rights and rigorously implement the rule of law.

In the wake of this report, Global Campaign for Rwandans' Human Rights request from the Rwandan government the following:
- End practices of torture and unlawful detention of suspects;
- Bring at the knowledge of the general public what happened to a number of people who have been reported disappeared;
- Release all prisoners who have been tortured and coerced to confess crimes they didn't commit or allegations for crimes they didn't witness;
- Release all prisoners who were prosecuted using witness testimonies obtained illegally;
- Respect its obligation under the Convention against Torture;
- Give legal authorities room to act in total freedom and independence from the executive.

Global Campaign for Rwandans' Human Rights
UK team