Voters-in-Nyamirambo-Kigali-Rwanda-2010-presidential-electionGlobal Campaign for the Rwandan Human’s Rights has been disappointed on ways the parliamentary election held on 16th September 2013 was conducted.

Issues that we observed include:
 Inability of observers from civil society organisations and some candidates to access the election processes particularly at the stage of counting votes.
 Lack of independents observant at many polling station due to the limited number of accreditation of observant approved by the election commission.
 High number of security officials including armed member of the military at various polling stations. This situation created an atmosphere of intimidation and prevented voters to feel free to choose.
Furthermore our team collected testimonies of people who witnessed:
 Officials assisting able people to vote
 Officials at some polling stations in north province after just 1 hour of opening of polling stations, they were requesting voters to go back home, informing them that voting had been completed
Once again the Rwandan people have been denied their participation rights in democratically electing their representatives in a free and fair election.

Rwandan government should aware that not only facilitating democratic elections is to give people their fundamental rights; it is also an important tool to build important pillars of peace, stability, equality and justice that Rwandans people desperately desire and deserve.