135030652_rwanda_444172cGlobal Campaign of Rwandan's Human Rights categorically condemns the abduction of a Rwandan refugee Mr Joel Mutabazi in Kampala - Uganda by Rwandan government operatives on 25th October.
Joel Mutabazi was a former bodyguard of Rwandan president Paul Kagame. He went into exile in 2011 fleeing harassment and torture that he had experiences in hands of Rwandan security services. They were suspecting him to be an accomplice of General Kayumba Nyamwasa who has gone in exile.

Joel Mutabazi has been granted a full refugee status in Uganda and had been living in a UN safe house as result of previous attempt by the Rwandan governments to abduct him.
We call for:

 Rwandan governments to immediately end their practice of intimidating and abducting refugees who are in exile and immediately take.
 Uganda government to ensure protection of all Rwandan refugees as per its obligations under 1959 UN Refugee conversion.
 United Nation High Commission for Refugees in collaboration with other UN Refugee conversions signatories countries to ensure that the most at risk Rwandan refugees living in Uganda and other countries boarding Rwanda are resettled in emergency in other countries in which their security and safety will be ensured.