RucyahintareIn the wake of new announcement by the Burundian Police that it has arrested a member of the Rwandan Defence Force in Burundi in a mission to destabilise Burundi, we are requesting the Rwandan government to stop to fuel insecurity in Burundi.

Since the report of Refugee International that described how Refugees from Burundi living in a refugee camp in Rwanda have been recruited and trained by the Rwandan military in order to undertake armed actions in Burundi, we had hoped that Rwanda government has listened to the condemnations that followed. Unfortunately this new incident does confirm the contrary.

Due to Rwanda past experiences of wars, conflicts, genocide etc,..the current Rwandan leadership should be in world front line in promoting peace, security and political stability in its sub-region. These activities by the Rwandan government and its military amount to grave violations of international law.

We condemn those continuous actions by Rwandan government and we call for regional and international condemnations as well as monitoring of end of those actions.

We also request the government of Burundi, to ensure that those arrested are details within international justice norms and that their human rights are respected.

Justice Uwimana
Global Campaign for Rwandan's Human Rights