Kayumba NyamwasaOn Friday 29th August 2014, the magistrate count in South African has found four men guilty of trying to murder Rwanda's former army chief and an opposition activist; General Kayumba Nyamwasa, in South Africa
In June 2010, General Nyamwasa survived assassination attempt in which he was shot in a stomach.
The General had been living in exile in South Africa following disagreement with the president Kagame.
Magistrate said the plot was politically motivated and emanated "from a certain group of people from Rwanda".
Considering that the General Nyamwasa had become a political opponent of the current Rwandan regime, the’ ’politically motivated assassination plot’’ could not come from any other group than the current regime, governance and leader who were openly opposed by Nyamwasa.

The current Rwandan regime has a documented track record of assassinations and assassination attempts since 1998 former internal minister was assassinated in Kenya, where he was living in exile. The Kenyan authority identified a Rwandan embassy official to have masterminded the plot.

We also recall that shortly after Nyamwasa assassination attempt, In May 2011 UK Security Services discovered an assassination plan by ‘’ The government of Rwanda according to them’’ which targeted an opposition and a human rights activist living in London.

We call for the Rwandan government and leaders to:
 Stop immediately practices of trying to assassinate people whose views are different to them
 Embrace democracy and all its values
 Understand that freedom of expression and tolerance of different opinion are important pillars of democracy.

We call for international community and Rwanda development partners to:
 To exert pressure on Rwanda government and leadership so that they can undertake steps that would lead to installation of full democracy in Rwanda.
 To condemn unreservedly actions of assassination and assassinations attempts of political opponents of the current Rwandan government.
 To make sure that Rwanda political opponents and human right activists who are in exile are safe from harm that might originate from Rwanda government operatives.

Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights