NtagandaGlobal Campaign for Rwanda’s Humans Rights welcomes the news about the arrival of General Bosco Ntaganda, the Congolese warlord at the International Criminal Court.

This is important step towards ending impunity in DRC and the Great Lakes region as whole. One of the main reasons of enduring conflicts and crime against humanity in the African Great Lakes region has been impunity that have been enjoyed by those who have been committing horrible crimes and atrocities against local people.

The arrival of Ntaganda at the ICC should lead to justice for those who have suffered enormously as result of his rebellion actions in North of Kivu. It will also act as deterrent to committing other crimes against humanity and inflicting suffering to innocent civilian populations by other rebels and political leaders.

Global Campaign for Rwanda’s Humans Rights urges the ICC to also investigate the role of General Ntaganda in organised and planned massacres of Rwandan Refugees in DRC as documented in the DRC Mapping Exercise Report which was published by the United Nations.

Global Campaign for Rwandans Human Rights

Secretariat (UK)