The Global Campaign for Rwandans’ Human Rights condemns the abduction of Lt. Joel Mutabazi a Rwandan refugee from Uganda to Rwanda illegally.

Lt. Mutabazi abduction in Uganda by suspected Rwandan government intelligence operatives occurred on 25th October 2013.

The action of abducting and forcibly taking Lt. Joel Mutabazi to Rwanda has violated international law. Rwanda and Uganda government are responsible for breaching their international obligations.

Lt. Joel Mutabazi was living as a refugee under the protection of the UN and the Ugandan government since 2011.

Mutabazi2On Wednesday 21 august 2013, Uganda's government had blocked an attempt to illegally abduct Lt. Mutabazi and taken to Rwanda.

We call on the Rwandan government to return Lt Mutabazi to Uganda so that he can be given the freedom to choose to stay in Uganda or to go back to Rwanda.

The Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights joins the UN in calling for an investigation into the "disappearance or abduction" of other three Rwandan refugees, including two ex-presidential guards, from Uganda.

Rwanda government has been conducting practices of abducting from exile Rwandans who had fled for political reasons. One of high profile abductions occurred in Zambia on 27th May 1997, when Ms Agnes Ntamabyaliro former minister of justice was taken illegal to Rwanda by the Rwandan government intelligence operatives.

We call on the Ugandan government and United High Commission for Refugees to ensure Rwandan refugees in Uganda are given adequate and secure protection particularly those who are at risk of abductions, disappearance and assassinations.

We call for on Rwandan government to end practices of abductions and intimidations of Rwandan refugees abroad instead undertake democratic and reconciliations steps that would undoubtedly make unnecessary for any Rwandan to flee abroad for political reasons.

We call on Rwandan government to release and take back Lt. Mutabazi to Uganda so that he can be given a freedom to choose to stay in Uganda or to go back to Rwanda.