GCRHR welcomes president Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania for his initiative of calling for peace talk between the Rwandan government and armed opponents. We support this initiative because of the following reasons:

 This conflicts has been existing for more than 20 years, military option has failed to resolve
 This conflict has caused and still causing unbearable sufferance and death to innocent people particularly in conflicts areas.
 Peace talk is the best mechanism and pathways to resolve unsolved issues without causing unnecessary loss of lives among belligerents and local populations.
 Conflicts resolved through peace talks have been found to be more sustainable than peace found using armed conflicts.
 Peace talk would be important part and starting point of a much needed reconciliations of the Rwandan people.

We urge president Kikwete to invite other regional and international leaders and decision makers to endorse his appeal and work together to bring belligerents on the peace talks.