After we announced that on 31st January 2016 members of the Rwandan Police has take Mr Antoine Sulaiman Rubingisa on in his home house in Gikondo Neighbourhood of Kigali and that since that day his family has not seen him in any detentions and the he Police denied to have him.

On Thursday 24th March 2016 after asked (via tweeter) the new National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Brig. Gen. Nzabanita to let us know where is Rubingisa.
Rubangisa tweets

2hrs later Rubangisa family received a phone call requesting them to go at a certain public location in Kigali. When they arrived, a car pulled out next to them. Among passengers of that car included Mr Rubingisa with guards. He greeted members of his family, then his guards told his family that they wanted to show them that he is alive and that he will be taken to court soon. The car drove off after that.

Clearly Mr Rubingisa has been in detention for almost 3 months without charge, no access to lawyer nor his family. This is serious breach of judicial due process. Therefore he should be released immediately and allow him to be reunited with his family. In additional to that his family is extremely worries about his well being as they found him to be in a very ill-health.


Any information regarding his whereabouts please contact us at