Global Campaign for Rwandan's Human Rights welcomes the decision of the UN Security Council today of using surveillance drones in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

We agree with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon view that the use of surveillance drones would facilitate peacekeeping mission in DRC “to enhance situational awareness and to permit timely decision-making"

Conflicts in DRC have caused millions of death and unbearable suffering to the people of Democratic Republic of Congo. Any initiative that has the potentiality to contribute in stopping endless conflicts should be encouraged and supported.
In additional to benefit of surveillance drones identified by U.N. Secretary-General, they will also be able to play an important role of deterring continuous arm trafficking and illegal mineral plundering that have been at the heart of conflicts and rebels movements development and funding.

Surveillance of porous border in Congo's mountainous east will also have high potentiality in contributing in ending impunity in the region in case they discover hard evidences of any illegal activities that fuel conflicts such as arms trafficking, movements of large armed men, illegal mineral mining etc,..

Global Campaign for Rwandans Human Rights
UN campaign team