Logo_of_the_FDLRWe welcome the announcement and actions of the FDLR to disarm and end armed conflicts. We believe that armed conflicts are not and have never been solutions of political divergences.

We urge FDLR to continue the process of disarmament it has started until all its armed members are disarmed.
We welcome and support the request of FLDR to have dialogue with the Rwandan government in order to resolve issues of Rwandans refugees in DRC and armed conflicts in the region.

Considering history of killings of Rwandans refugees in DRC we urge the government of DRC to ensure protection of members of FDLR members and their families.

Furthermore we urge the United Nations, The Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the government of DRC to support and facilitate dialogue between the government of Rwanda and FLDR rebels in order to find an everlasting solution to challenges that have caused circles of armed conflicts in the African Great Lakes region and caused deaths, suffering and displacements of millions of people in the last two decades.

Jeanne Umugiraneza
Global Campaign for Rwandan's Human Rights'