91QKHItjLYLOn 22nd April 1995 an internal displaced people camps in Kibeho Rwanda, in which was populated by around 100,000 Rwandan Hutu, was surrounded by soldiers of the Rwandan Patriotic Army, the armed wing of the RPF and opened fire with automatic weapons, rocket launchers and grenades.

Nearly 8,000 children, women and men became victims and one of the most despicable acts experienced by humanity. Yet this tragedy provoked no significant reactions by the international community and this event has ended up being forgotten

A semblance of justice was set up by the Rwandan Patriotic Front, led by the current President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, Commander Fred Ibingira was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his involvement in massacres. Meanwhile he was promoted to Chief of Staff of the reserve forces of the Rwandan army.

As human rights campaigning organisations, we have want to raise awareness about the fact that that 20 years after the Kibeho massacre, its victims of have not received justice, and worse, that massacre has been forgotten by the Rwandan government and the international community.

We call upon all Rwandans and the international community to commemorate all those forgotten victims.

Furthermore, we urge the international community to investigate all those responsible for Kibeho massacres and bring them to an independent and impartial justice.

We also urge the Rwandan government to dismiss Fred Ibingira all its functions, as victims can never feel safe if their executioner holds one of the most important places in the Rwandan army.

Finally, we call upon the United Nations to set up a day of reflection on those massacres in Kibeho, in order to learn important lessons that would facilitate to avoid killings of refugees in camps where they supposed to find refuge.

Jambo ASBL
Global Campaign for Rwandan's Human Rights.