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Let us remember Kizito Mihigo – Twibuke Kizito Mihigo

Kizito Mihigo, a well known gospel singer and reconciliation activist has been arrested on 6 April 2014, after releasing a song that raise awareness about the value of a human life. That song has been considered to be critical to the Rwandan government and it was immediately prohibited by Rwandan authorities. The Rwandan persecution authorities have announced that he was arrested on 15 April 2014 despite that he was taken away on 6 April 2014 by security services. We have reason to believe that between 6 and 15 April 2014, Kizito was taken at a secret location where he...

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After we announced that on 31st January 2016 members of the Rwandan Police has take Mr Antoine Sulaiman Rubingisa on in his home house in Gikondo Neighbourhood of Kigali and that since that day his family has not seen him in any detentions and the he Police denied to have him. On Thursday 24th March 2016 after asked (via tweeter) the new National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Brig. Gen. Nzabanita to let us know where is Rubingisa. 2hrs later Rubangisa family received a phone call requesting them to go at a certain public location in Kigali. When they...

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Today Saturday 26th March 2016, the first president of FDU-INKINGI party Mr Bonifance Twagirimana informed the public that the treasurer of his party Ms LEONILLE GASENGAYIRE has been kidnapped and taken in a car with number plate RAA442M by individuals who were waiting her at the prison where she regularly take food for her leader Ms Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who has been imprisoned. We urge relevant authorities to inform her family and her party officials where she has been taken and reasons. We urge Rwandan authorities to ensure that these type of kidnapping are terminated. Any one with information...

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Rwanda isn’t opposed to international justice, it’s opposed to independent justice

By Filip Reyntjens During an African Union (AU) summit in early February, it was decided that Foreign Ministers would prepare a roadmap for the continent’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC). The reason for this move, according to a growing group of African leaders, is that the ICC is “anti-African”, “humiliating” and a threat to sovereignty. This argument refers to the fact that most of those indicted or being investigated by the Court are African, though given that the victims of the abuses focussed on by the ICC are also mostly African, from a people’s perspective, the ICC could be seen as distinctly “pro-African”. Nevertheless, plans were put in place for the AU to abandon the ICC – even though only individual states can withdraw, not the Union as an organisation – and to set up an alternative African court, one that is expected to offer immunity to the continent’s Big Men. In these decisions, one of the most prominent voices was President Paul Kagame, even though Rwanda is not party to the Rome Statute in the first place. Kagame has criticised the ICC for being “selective” and discriminating against the continent. However, recent events suggest that the president is not just worried about the international court, but African courts as well. Or rather, it seems that the thing Kagame is really concerned about is not international justice...

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Rwanda should stop fuelling insecurity in Burundi

In the wake of new announcement by the Burundian Police that it has arrested a member of the Rwandan Defence Force in Burundi in a mission to destabilise Burundi, we are requesting the Rwandan government to stop to fuel insecurity in Burundi. Since the report of Refugee International that described how Refugees from Burundi living in a refugee camp in Rwanda have been recruited and trained by the Rwandan military in order to undertake armed actions in Burundi, we had hoped that Rwanda government has listened to the condemnations that followed. Unfortunately this new incident does confirm the contrary....

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