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Witness: Killed Over a Cow in Rwanda

One quiet December morning, as mist was lifting over the Western Province in Rwanda, soldiers banged on Fulgence Rukundo’s door. They called him by name and said that he had stolen a cow. Neighbors came out to see what the commotion was about. Rukundo opened his door. He said he was innocent, but went with the soldiers. Rukundo, 28, was slight but muscular. His wife had given birth to a baby – their second child – ten days before the soldiers came for him. Rukundo was well known in the village as a jovial, good-natured, fun-loving man. As he...

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Petty Crime Suspects Summarily Executed

(Nairobi) – State security forces in Rwanda have summarily killed at least 37 suspected petty offenders and forcibly disappeared four others since April 2016, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Most victims were accused of stealing items such as bananas, a cow, or a motorcycle. Others were suspected of smuggling marijuana, illegally crossing the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo, or of using illegal fishing nets. The 40-page report, “‘All Thieves Must Be Killed’: Extrajudicial Executions in Western Rwanda,” details how military, police and auxiliary security units, sometimes with the assistance of local civilian authorities,...

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NZARAMBA: A hidden famine crisis is shattering lives in Rwanda

Our 5 months’ investigation has established that since November 2015 more than 3 Million Rwandans are at the verge of starvation and more than 150,000 Rwandans have emigrated out of the country mostly to Uganda due to a ravaging famine, particularly in the Eastern and Southern Provinces. The famine has been named and known as “Nzaramba” which means ‘’I will live long’’ The Rwandan government has blamed the climate change to be mainly responsible for poor harvests in some areas of Rwanda. However, our investigation has revealed that there are many more important causes behind the current famine and...

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Rwandan Blogger to Stand Trial for Genocide Ideology

Norway Deported Nkusi, Who Faces Prosecution in Rwanda By Ida Sawyer (Human Right Watch) Joseph Nkusi is a Rwandan blogger who has sharply criticized Rwanda’s government, made false and inflammatory claims about the 1994 genocide, and founded a radical opposition group while living in exile in Norway. Next Monday, he is slated to go on trial in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, where he faces charges of genocide ideology, sectarianism, and inciting insurrection or trouble amongst the population. Nkusi's trial is an opportunity for Rwanda to show that it clearly distinguishes between “genocide ideology” – a criminal offense in Rwandan...

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RWANDA: 2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices by US State Department

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rwanda is a constitutional republic dominated by a strong presidency. The ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) led a governing coalition that included four smaller parties. In 2010 voters elected President Paul Kagame to a second seven-year term with 93 percent of the vote. Three other registered political parties participated in the presidential election. In 2013 elections were conducted for parliament’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies. Candidates from the RPF and two other parties that supported RPF policies won all of the open seats, and election observers reported numerous flaws, including possible irregularities in the vote tabulation...

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