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“We Will Force You to Confess”

They came into my cell, took my handcuffs off and covered my eyes. Then they walked me out and into the bush on a path I did not know. They put me on my knees, tied a shirt around my arms and said, “Now it is too late for you.” They took out a plastic bag and put it over my head so I could not breathe. As I was running out of air, they said, “Do you have something else to say?” I accepted [everything they told me to accept] because I was going to die. Then they...

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2017 Rwandan Human Rights Awards

The Rwandan Human Rights Awards recognises and celebrates the extraordinary contributions of individuals, organisations and businesses to the field of Rwandan related human rights each year. Every year some truly amazing people fight to protect, rights, justice and freedoms of Rwandans. Challenging dictatorship and injustice and fighting for the rights of Rwandans living in Rwanda and abroad. Their work is more vital than ever and yet they often unrecognised. The Rwandan Human Rights Awards give us a unique opportunity to share their stories and shine a light on their remarkable work and to celebrate the hard-work, inspiration and dedication...

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Unlawful Military Detention, Torture in Rwanda

(Brussels) – Rwanda’s military has routinely unlawfully detained and tortured detainees with beatings, asphyxiations, mock executions, and electric shocks, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The 91-page report, “‘We Will Force You to Confess’: Torture and Unlawful Military Detention in Rwanda,” documents unlawful detention in military camps and widespread and systematic torture by the military. Human Rights Watch found that judges and prosecutors ignored complaints from current and former detainees about the unlawful detention and ill-treatment, creating an environment of total impunity. Rwandan authorities and United Nations bodies should investigate immediately. “Research over a number of...

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Rwanda Police should free Diane Rwigara and her family immediately

Global Campaign for Rwandans Human Rights is urging the Rwanda Police to release Diane Rwigara and members of her family immediately. In fact they were taken away by the Police on wednesday. By the time we are writting this information, Police still denying to he holding them. It is illegal to arrest anyone and take them to undisclosed location. We are very concern about their health particularly the health of Diane mother. The Rwandan Police should stop continuing oppressing anyone that have different opinion or criticising...

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Politically Closed Elections

(Nairobi) – Presidential elections in Rwanda on August 4, 2017, took place in a context of very limited free speech or open political space, Human Rights Watch said today, as President Paul Kagame is sworn in for a seven-year term. Human Rights Watch released a chronology of violations of the right to freedom of expression, association, and assembly in Rwanda between the country’s December 2015 referendum – allowing the president to run for a third term – and the election, which Kagame won with a reported 98.79 percent of the vote. “Kagame’s landslide win came as no surprise in...

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