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Condemnation of the Rwandan regime for the violation of the inalienable right of some of its citizens to return home.

The Global campaign for human rights condemns in the strongest terms possible the alleged refusal of entry to three Rwandans to return home to exercise their political and civil rights. On the 23rd of November 2016, the Rwandan government is alleged to have forced Kenya airways plane not to take on board three Rwandans, whom included the leader of an opposition party Ishema, Rev Father Thomas Nahimana. The latter accompanied by one man and a lady who has an 8-month baby were heading to Kigali to register their political party with a view to participate in the forthcoming 2017...

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Ms Ndabarasa and Ms Iragena still missing

(Nairobi) – A Rwandan opposition activist has been missing for six months and is feared to have been forcibly disappeared, Human Rights Watch said today. People close to the activist, Illuminée Iragena, have not seen her since March 26, 2016, and fear she may have died in detention. Rwandan political activist Illuminée Iragena, missing since March 26, 2016. EXPAND Rwandan political activist Illuminée Iragena, missing since March 26, 2016. © Private In an apparently related case, just hours before Iragena dropped from sight, Léonille Gasengayire, a member of the FDU-Inkingi opposition party, was arrested after visiting Victoire Ingabire, her...

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Has Ms Illumine Iragena been killed ?

We are very concern about latest news about the torture and the killing of Ms Illumine Iragena who dissapperared on 26th March 2016. This latest information has been announced by her family according to FDU-Inkingi the political party. We demand the Rwanda National Police to inform her family and the public to confirm that information and provide all relevant clarification. The Rwanda Police and other security services should ensure that this mistery is resolved without delay. Any one with any information about what happened to Ms Iragena, please contact us at...

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Locking Up the Poor New Findings of Arbitrary Detention, Ill-Treatment in “Transit Centers”

(Nairobi) – Rwandan authorities are rounding up poor people and arbitrarily detaining them in “transit centers” across the country, Human Rights Watch said today. The conditions in these centers are harsh and inhuman, and beatings are commonplace. New research indicates that the authorities have made few changes in a center in Gikondo, in the capital, Kigali, despite an earlier Human Rights Watch report on abuses there, and that similar degrading treatment prevails in other transit centers. Watch research in 2016 has found that scores of people, including homeless people, street vendors, street children, and other poor people, are being rounded up off the streets and detained in “transit centers” or “rehabilitation centers” for prolonged periods. Detainees have inadequate food, water, and health care; suffer frequent beatings; and rarely leave their filthy, overcrowded rooms. None of the former detainees Human Rights Watch interviewed were formally charged with any criminal offense and none saw a prosecutor, judge, or lawyer before or during their detention. “The Rwandan government should close these unofficial detention centers and instead provide voluntary vocational training, help, and protection for vulnerable people,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Locking poor people up in harsh and degrading conditions and abusing them isn’t going to end their poverty, and it violates both Rwandan and international law.” Following a September 2015 Human Rights Watch report on abuses at...

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