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GCRHR comments on DRC mapping exercise report

Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights welcomes the report published by The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The report explains that grave crimes were perpetuated. It is important that the recommendations called upon in the document are implemented in order to give justice to victims of serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that have been committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo between March 1993 and June 2003. Global Campaign for Rwandans' Human Rights recommends that as a result of this report, UN should without delay establish a judicial mechanism to...

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Rwandan refugees should be protected

Cessation Clause for Rwandan refugees raises questions By Guillaume Cliche-Rivard The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees states that refugee status is temporary. Articles 1C (1) to (6) describe the so-called ‘Cessation Clauses’. When invoked, these provisions cease the international protection of a specific group of refugees: ‘He [the refugee] can no longer, because of circumstances in connection with which he has been recognized as a refugee have ceased to exist, continue to refuse to avail himself of the protection of the country of his nationality’[1]. Since 2002, the Government of Rwanda has repeatedly requested from the...

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Inter-Rwandan dialogue: an important and necessary tool to get to a peaceful Rwanda

Global Campaign for Rwandans' Human Rights highly supports the inter-Rwandan dialogue initiatives that have been initiated by Rwandans representing various political and civic society organisations as well as religious authorities. Global Campaign for Rwandans' Human Rights believes that a highly inclusive inter-Rwandan dialogue would be an important platform that would look on Rwandan past with a truthful and critical eye in order to develop a pathway that would strengthen Rwandan future, free from conflicts, exempt of refugee, discrimination, or human rights abuses, but instead guided by learning acknowledged and gained from past experiences. We believe that a highly inclusive...

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Rwandan imprisoned Journalists should be released immediately

Journalists Agnes Nkusi Uwimana and Saidati Mukakibibi were sentenced today to respectively 17 and 7 years imprisonment over opinion articles they wrote in August 2010 prior to presidential elections. They were prosecuted over several articles they had written in which they criticized government policies and made corruption allegations against senior government officials. The prosecutor has not convincingly demonstrated how accused journalist writings might be interpreted as "a threat to national security or were envisioned, or expected, to stimulate violence," according to our researcher in Kigali. Journalists Agnes Nkusi Uwimana and Saidati Mukakibibi should not have been subjected to criminal...

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