The history of Rwanda has been marked by various periods of Human Rights abuses. These abuses have caused a lot of severe and unbearable sufferance to people of Rwanda.

At national level Human rights abuse against Rwandans were based in lack of equal opportunity, rule of law, lack of understanding of fundamental freedom, lack of implementation of concept of accountability and democracy at different level of governance in Rwanda.

At international level Human rights abuse against Rwandans were caused by lack of awareness of cultural and historical background of Rwanda as well as lack of understanding of Rwandan’s complex past and current political environments and dynamics.

Furthermore international community has failed on various attempts in supporting Rwanda and Rwandans to achieve much needed Human Rights respecting environment, free and fair justice, fundamental rights and everlasting reconciliation.


Due to the above background our vision is a world in which Rwandans have full confidence in abilities of the national and international institutions to respect their fundamental rights and freedom. Our vision is also a Rwandan community which live in harmony, guided by rule of law which is rooted in true of reconciliation..