We are an international human rights campaign organisation that has been established to promote and campaign for the Rwandans human rights.

Our organisation focuses on Rights of Rwandans living in Rwanda and those living abroad.

Our organisation has been established by young human rights and peace advocates from around the world who are concern of continuing lack of Human Rights for Rwandans in Rwanda and other countries.

We believe that Rwandans will able to enjoy the best format of Human Rights that they ALL deserve only when their country will have rule of law, when democracy, freedom of political participation and free and fair election will be a norm and when they have reconciled between themselves with the support of a free and fair justice system.

In the process of our work we also campaign for the peace in the African Great Lakes region.

Our campaign methodology includes:

  1. Organisation of conferences, seminars and public meetings
  2. Advocacy for victims of injustice, oppression, lack of freedom
  3. Public Demonstrations
  4. Research and investigations on Human rights abuses
  5. Producing reports, letters, press releases, articles etc,
  6. Provision of advice and guidance on various steps that can facilitate Human Rights respect
  7. Provision of platform that can facilitate reconciliation, peace building and conflict resolutions