The Rwandan Human Rights Awards recognises and celebrates the extraordinary contributions of individuals, organisations and businesses to the field of Rwandan related human rights each year.

Every year some truly amazing people fight to protect, rights, justice and freedoms of Rwandans. Challenging dictatorship and injustice and fighting for the rights of Rwandans living in Rwanda and abroad. Their work is more vital than ever and yet they often unrecognised.

The Rwandan Human Rights Awards give us a unique opportunity to share their stories and shine a light on their remarkable work and to celebrate the hard-work, inspiration and dedication of those who champion the rights of ordinary Rwandan people.

A panel of expert will select winners who have been fighting for justice, courageous campaigners standing-up to power, journalists uncovering uncomfortable truths, young activists bringing about change and brilliant individuals who’ve spent their lives working to protect the rights and freedoms of Rwandans.
For nominations and recommendations of 2017 winners please send us an email at